Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

Are you on a time crunch? If you left your Valentine’s Day shopping to the very last second, head on over to From an impressive selection of last second Valentine’s Day gifts to more incredible pointers on how to nail your short notice Valentine’s Day gift, it’s got you covered.

Sending Valentine’s Day Gifts to Your Sweetheart in the Philippines

Consider yourself lucky if your special someone resides in one of the beautiful islands of the Philippines. The Philippines abounds with gorgeous tourist destinations and is home to amiable people that are sure to put a smile on your face. 

While being apart from your beloved in the country is nowhere near easy, brings you closer together even from a distance. It allows you to send the sweetest packages to your significant other regardless of the zip code. Wherever it is in the Philippines, you name it — you can trust for the perfect gift or two.

Is it Necessary to Send a Valentine’s Day Gift to Your Significant Other?

If you are not fond of over-commercialized occasions like Valentine’s Day, or you do not have the luxury of time to partake in the events of the day, you might be thinking: is it still necessary to send a Valentine’s Day Gift? After all, you and your significant other are practically inseparable. Not even distance can shake up the amount of love and adoration that you have for each other daily.

The answer is no. A Valentine’s Day gift is not mandatory for your relationship. Your significant other may not have asked for one, too. But while a Valentine’s Day gift is not a must, it is nonetheless symbolic. 

valentine's gift ideas for last minute

Sending something special to your beloved on Valentine’s Day is a heartfelt expression of love and adoration. It is a fantastic gesture that tells your sweetheart how much you appreciate having him or her in your life. 

So even if you are sick of how mushy the day can get, remember that Valentine’s Day could be a great time to express your love and adoration. Your significant other may tell you not to shower him or her with presents on this occasion, but trust us when we say they will always love a heartfelt token. 

“I left my Valentine’s Day gift preparations to the last second. What do I do now?”

With your busy schedule, Valentine’s Day may have been the least of your worries. With a mountain of workload to do and endless meetings to prepare for, it is quite understandable. Whichever the case, not having the luxury of time to prepare will not prevent you from sending the perfect gift to your beloved. 

Find the best Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart from our handpicked selection of last second Valentine’s Day gifts as well as other last-minute Valentine’s day gift ideas below.

The Stigma on Last Second Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentine's day gift and card

You are no stranger to glossy magazines that tell you that you are a horrible significant other for leaving your V-Day gift prepping to the very last second. The whole myth surrounding the notoriety of last second Valentine’s Day gifts is fraught with stories of significant others who could not care less. These are stories set in aisles closest to the cashier in gasoline stations and dollar stores.

As you know all too well, this is not always the case. Often, busy individuals like yourself cannot help but settle for a short notice Valentine’s Day gift. Not everyone has the luxury of time to prepare for Valentine’s Day weeks ahead. With a heavy workload on your mind 24/7, it becomes even harder to foresee that the occasion is near.

So put aside everything that you know so far about last second Valentine’s Day gifts. Those glossy magazines that preach it’s impossible to find thoughtful last-minute Valentine’s gifts do not always know it all. You only need to see our wide selection of gift baskets, bouquets, and bundles to see for yourself. 

What to Do When You Need to Settle for a Last-Second Valentine’s Day Gift

When you are left with no choice but to leave your gift preparations to the very last second, you need a partner that you can trust. is your reliable friend at this urgent time. It offers an exquisite range of gift items that you can send to your beloved in the Philippines in a few easy steps. You only need to register an account, select your Valentine’s Day gift of choice, and place the specific address in the Philippines you want to send your gift, and voila! A beautiful Valentine’s Gift is on its way to the most important person in your life.

Heartfelt Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart in the Philippines 

Take a pick from any of these thoughtful last-minute Valentine’s gifts. Each one is sure to captivate your significant other’s heart even from a distance. You can find all of these items and more at

Forever You Bouquet

Forever You Bouquet - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

Send your message of love and adoration in a sweet yet simple way with this ‘Forever You’ Bouquet. It comes with an assortment of delightful sweets and a captivating synthetic red rose. All inclusions come in an elegant and romantic bouquet wrap. 

Send this romantic bouquet to your significant other today for PhP1,495.00 / USD31.00 only.

Sweet Tooth Gift Basket

Sweet Tooth Gift Basket - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

Does your significant other have a sweet tooth? This gift basket will make for the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Not only is it undeniably romantic, but it also comes with no less than the most satisfying sweets and chocolates.

Send the sweetest gift basket to your equally dear beloved for PhP2,345.00 / USD48.80 only. 

Sweet Delight Chocolate Bouquet

Sweet Delight Chocolate Bouquet - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

This bouquet trades the usual flower stems with a variety of sweet chocolates. It’s the easiest yet one of the unique last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts on the market. If you are looking for an unforgettable and special present that will set you apart, then this is the perfect bouquet for you.

Buy this sweet chocolate bouquet for your beloved for only PhP2,095.00 / USD43.60 only.

Forever Yours Gift Basket

It’s another one of those unique last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that will surely awe your sweetheart. A gorgeous red rose in a glass dome takes center stage and packs on romance and fantasy — à la Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile, this glass dome is surrounded by small packets of delightful Toblerone chocolates in a cute basket.

Send this one-of-a-kind and romantic gift basket to your significant other for PhP2,895.00 / USD60.00 only.

I Cherish You Bouquet

I Cherish You Bouquet - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

Who says roses are the only romantic kind of flowers? This sweet and thoughtful bouquet proves that tulips are just as stunning and heartwarming as roses. In vibrant purple hues, the synthetic tulips in this bouquet are also stunning and eye-catching. What’s more, this bouquet comes with an assortment of delectable sweets your beloved will surely appreciate.

Send this sweet and vibrant bouquet to your significant other in the Philippines for PhP2,595.00 / USD54.00 only.

Love & Surprises Gift Basket

Love & Surprises Gift Basket - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

If you’re looking for a romantic gift basket full of sweet and sentimental goodies, then this gift basket is a perfect choice. It holds a variety of luscious chocolates with other amorous items. For one, there is a fluffy red heart pillow that says the word LOVE in romantic white lettering. It will surely make your sweetheart think of you even when you are far away. It also comes with a sweet couple’s bracelet for you to express your love for each other with accessories. 

Buy this romantic and sentimental gift basket for your beloved for PhP2,595.00 / USD54.00 only.

Je t’aime Bouquet

Je taime Bouquet - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

Show your appreciation for your sophisticated and classy significant other with this elegant bouquet. The synthetic white tulips give this gift the “it” factor. There’s also a selection of luxurious chocolates in elegant packaging. The wrapping has soft blush tones that complement this chic of a bouquet.

Purchase this elegant bouquet for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day for PhP1,895.00 / USD39.44 only.  

My Everything Gift Basket

My Everything Gift Basket - Last Second Valentines Day Gifts

r a Valentine’s Day gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind, look no further than this impressive gift basket. Right in the middle is a jaw-dropping bear made entirely of synthetic pink roses. An intricate gold heart basket holds a beautiful gold necklace inside. Included with these jaw-dropping items are some delectable sweets for that extra factor. 

Get this impressive and extravagant gift basket for your special someone for PhP3,795.00 / USD78.98 only.  

Sending Your Valentine’s Day Gift to Your Sweetheart

What are you waiting for? Head on over to today to find all these special and heartfelt gift items. Send it to your special someone in the Philippines in time for Valentine’s Day in just a few easy steps

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