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gift delivery manila
Gift Guides

A Basic Guide to Gift Delivery in Manila

As people become more and more driven to achieve and succeed, time for friends and family has consequently become a rare commodity. Fortunately, the inventive nature of humans has also brought convenient and clever ways to cope with the fast-paced modern world. Gift delivery services are one of these great innovations.  Manila, being the capital …

wedding anniversary gifts
Anniversaries Gift Ideas Wedding

The Most Magical Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A wedding is one of the pivotal moments of a person’s life. Promising lifetime companionship and love? The magnitude of it is immeasurable.  The decision to marry must be celebrated every day, especially every year on the day the vow is made.  Thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts make the day special and add to the beautiful …

congratulations graduation gifts
Congratulations Gift Ideas Graduation

Perfect Graduation Gifts to Say Congratulations

After years’ worth of time, resources and effort, you now have a graduate! But this time’s graduation season is anything but ordinary. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing students to spend their senior year locked down at home. However, a pandemic shouldn’t outweigh this happy milestone. Graduates spent years getting ready for the real world. Regardless …

professional thank you gift ideas
Gift Ideas Thank You

Professional Thank You Gift Ideas for the Workplace

Work colleagues are some of the people that deserve our gratitude.  For one, with most of our time being spent in the workplace, we have naturally built friendships with those we share similar struggles in our professional and even personal lives. If you are in the business of providing services or products, you may also …

gift ideas to say thank you
Gift Ideas Thank You

The Greatest Gift Ideas to Say Thank You

Life is full of challenges. That’s why it’s fortunate to have someone to help and support us. If you’ve been blessed with such a sweet person, show your appreciation with a thoughtful Thank You gift.  To fast-track your search, we have compiled for you the greatest presents that best show gratitude and love. Gift Recommendations …

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