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meaningful mother's day gifts for your wife
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7 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Being a mom is one of the hardest challenges a woman faces in her life. It’s only justified that they’re appreciated in this one time of the year and receive meaningful Mother’s Day gifts from their spouses. Marrying the ideal man is one of the women’s greatest joys. Being a mother is also a dream …

Gift Ideas Mother's Day

Top 8 Amazingly Simple Gifts for Mother’s Day

Although traditionally celebrated every December, the President changed Mother’s day in the Philippines to every second Sunday of May. Filipinos would show their respect and appreciation for all mothers on this day every year by simple gifts for mother’s day and a gathering, where cakes and food are shared in the household.  Mother’s day in …

how to order flowers online in the philippines cover
Gift Ideas

How to Order Flowers Online in The Philippines

Want to order flowers online to be sent to a loved one or maybe a significant other in the Philippines? Online shopping is a type of electronic shopping that allows customers to directly order and buy goods or services (even flowers) from a seller on the internet with a web browser or a mobile application. …

how to send flowers to the philippines from the us cover
Gift Ideas

How to Send Flowers to the Philippines from the US

To send flowers to the Philippines from the USA is a little bit tricky. Flowers are perishable, making them unsuitable for the balikbayan boxes that most overseas Filipino workers use in sending gifts back to their loved ones in the Philippines. In case you were not aware, Balikbayan boxes are a vital feature of a …

best way to send flowers philippines
Gift Ideas

The Best Way to Send Flowers to The Philippines

Flower giving is a culture that has been with humanity for a very long time. To send flowers a culture that’s not going anywhere, any time soon, even though it’s no longer in play for some occasions. The context of giving flowers as a symbol of love still stands as a popular culture all over …

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