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As people become more and more driven to achieve and succeed, time for friends and family has consequently become a rare commodity. Fortunately, the inventive nature of humans has also brought convenient and clever ways to cope with the fast-paced modern world.

Gift delivery services are one of these great innovations. 

Manila, being the capital city of the Philippines, has mastered the business of providing quality delivery services for parcels, goods… and surprises! As such, gift delivery in Manila has become the Filipino’s preferred way of surprising loved ones.

Why should you consider gift delivery when giving gifts in Manila?

Manila is the most densely populated city in the world. There are about 42,857 individuals per square kilometer in the city! The number of pedestrians in Manila’s spaces and the vehicular traffic in its streets is so busy it is impractical for everybody to be running around simultaneously. 

This is the reason behind the birth and rise of specialized shops and courier services in Manila. No matter how preoccupied Filipinos are with work and whatnot, there always is some time for love and happiness. 

Here are a few benefits of a gift delivery service that you can enjoy in Manila:


Accessibility is among the top advantages of gift delivery. Most, if not all, gift delivery services have websites that you can check anytime and anywhere with only an internet connection. 

You can browse through the stores’ products exactly like you would when you visit a physical shop — all without the hassle of fighting through heavy traffic and crowds. It will also save you lots of time that you can use for other important things. 


Convenience is also one of the benefits of gift delivery in Manila. Even if you are abroad, you can easily have your gifts delivered right to your recipient’s doorstep in Manila. You can even send gifts to the Philippines from Canada, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. 


Last but definitely not least, gift delivery services are effective. The biggest motivation of gift delivery services is the joy they bring to their customers. Happiness, gratitude, and appreciation of their loved ones are the core values of Filipinos, so the businesses can only grow when they reflect these in their establishments. 

Examples of Gift Delivery Services in Manila

Here are some excellent examples of gift delivery services in Manila that have constantly proven their worth in the market:

1. LocalGift 

Local Gift is a leading online surprise gift delivery service in the Philippines. At first glance, you will immediately feel that the platform is designed for optimum and effortless shopping. The interface is direct and simple, with key buttons for a more targeted search.

The products are uncomplicated yet whole and complete. They offer varieties of classic bouquets and gift basket gifts that we are all familiar with. Their unique modern twist transforms the timeless items into stunning surprises perfect for any celebration. 

LocalGift’s arrangements are also named according to the meaning they carry or the message you want to convey to your giftee. Of course, every present will include a card written with your preferred text. 

You can have your gifts delivered as soon as possible or set at a specific date. You can also place your order in advance so you can secure your surprise gift way before the occasion.

And did we mention that the affordable products that include (but not limited to) flowers, chocolates, teddies, and jewelry can be paid securely and conveniently through Paypal?

Finally, the site supports fellow local businesses by featuring them in their blog, where you can learn about gift products, delivery services in the Philippines, gifting culture, and other tips. You can read about how to choose the best bouquet for any occasion, lockdown gift ideas for your sweetheart, and many more.

Send gifts to Manila and anywhere in the Philippines is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

2. Manila Gift 

Manila Gift is also a great way to arrange a surprise sent to your giftee. Choose from a wide array of gift options and send a gift to Manila or other places nationwide with a fair fee. The shop offers items in whopping 23 categories to browse from. They have standard flowers and chocolates to even electronics and appliances. The gift items at Manila Gift start at around 30 USD and go up to 130 USD. It can be the perfect store for those who have distinct tastes in gifts.

Manila Gift also offers several ways to pay that include transfers, deposits, and cards besides Paypal.

3. GiftsnIdeas

GiftsnIdeas is another wonderful shop that offers numerous items to pick from. The online store has imported goods that appeal to the typical Filipino. The arrangements that they have are also neat and pretty that will surely surprise your giftee. 

Fruits, flowers, chocolates, cakes, balloons, and many more are arranged according to price, expert picks, and color to help you on your quest for the best gift. 

A reminder, though — GiftsnIdeas indicates the earliest time for gift delivery in Manila, so make sure to check it before placing your order.

4. Le Fleur Boutique

Do you want elegance to be the central theme for your gift? Then Le Fleur Boutique is the shop for you. 

Le Fleur is a flower shop that specializes in blooms for all occasions, including weddings.

The Lumiere Collection starts at 900 pesos and goes up to 2000 pesos. Meanwhile, the Luxury Bouquets are priced between 1500 pesos to 16,500 pesos. You can personalize both bouquets by choosing your flowers. 

The shop’s flowers range from the usual to the unique, so you are sure to find your beloved’s favorite. They have hydrangeas, tulips, ecuadorians, sunflowers, carnations, and many more. Le Fleur even offers preserved flowers.

Send a gift to Manila by Rush Delivery, Next Day, or Scheduled. For payment options, you can use Paypal if you are abroad; or Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, M Lhullier, or BDO for local options.

5. Speed Regalo

Speed Regalo is an online shop with a wide selection of gift items. You will definitely find most of our identified 15 long-distance relationship gifts with them, plus many extraordinary others. This includes lechon boxes, bath and body care, alcoholic drinks, and bayong bags. How cool is that?

You can efficiently browse the shop’s packed and diverse list and filter it by occasion, gender, price, and brand, among others. Once you find the perfect gift, you can pay via PayPal, credit card, online banking, check, or remittance. 

You can also have your surprise delivered express or same-day, but their usual timeframe for Metro Manila is 2-3 days. 

6. Regalo Manila

Regalo Manila is another customer-friendly online shop that focuses not only on the receiver but the experience of the buyer as well. 

The online store specializes in flowers, but they also offer combo gifts. You can get your giftee a feast of burgers, doughnuts, pizzas, fries, chicken, pasta, and many more to go with the bouquet and chocolates. Moreover, you can customize your surprise with the shop’s unbelievable selection of categories.

You can pay for your order through offline and online options for convenience and leave the surprise to the store crew’s expertise.

How to Send Gifts to Manila Through Gift Delivery

Here are a few things you remember when sending gifts in Manila through gift delivery:

1. Double-check the credibility of the delivery service

It is unfortunate, but scammers exist. To protect yourself and your giftee, research about a shop before buying from them. Read testimonies, customer reviews, and ratings as your reference. 

You can also check for fair pricing by comparing a similar product from another shop. This also goes for delivery rates.

It is also advisable for you to keep a copy of your order and payment for future reference.

2. Take time to inspect the details of the product

When shopping online, you must never rely on the picture on the screen alone. Examine the product details so you can have a clear picture of what you are buying and sending. 

For instance, flower surprises can either be fresh, preserved, or synthetic. Which would you like to have delivered? 

3. Make sure to give the address where your recipient will be on the delivery date

Missing the recipient might sound ridiculous, but Filipinos often go out to celebrate special occasions. So, if you are sending a gift delivery in Manila, confirm where your giftee will be on the delivery date.

4. Provide as much leeway time as possible

Manila is a very, very hectic city, to say the least. It is always better to place your order as early as possible, so the service provider can plan against mishaps ahead of time. It also gives them adequate time to prepare the best supplies for your surprise gift.

Start with gift delivery in Manila today

Generally, there really isn’t one shop for everybody. It depends on your unique needs and your giftee’s preferences. 

However, when you choose a shop that guarantees quality and protects you from possible problems in Manila deliveries, you are on your way to getting the perfect gift delivery.

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