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chocolate delivery manila
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Chocolate Delivery in Manila: The Why, What, and Who

Chocolates are timeless gifts. Whether sent to a family member or a romantic partner, chocolates have the magic that can make people feel a little giddy inside. Aside from being sweet and love-filled, this snack is scientifically proven to boost mental health. Chocolates are made from cacao beans. This ingredient is rich in phytochemicals which …

online flower delivery manila
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The Basics of Online Flower Delivery in Manila

Research reveals that the vast majority use the internet to look for needed products or services. Further analysis shows that more than half of these users are between the ages 25 to 34 — the busy population.  Online flower delivery is an example of a field in ecommerce that has risen to popularity. Metro Manila, …

gift delivery davao
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Your Helpful Guide to Gift Delivery in Davao

Davao is a large region bound in nature and culture. It’s considered the largest city in the Philippines; it’s also highly urbanized with many thriving businesses. Life in Davao City and the rest of the region is generally fast-paced, except for some areas.  Gift delivery in Davao is becoming popular in the bustling reg. It …

gift delivery cebu
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Gift Delivery in Cebu: Not Your Average Surprise

Gift delivery in the Philippines has been a growing industry. It has enabled people to maintain relationships and have fun with loved ones amid bustling schedules. This is especially true in Cebu, the Queen City of the South, the fifth most busy city in the entire country. Gift delivery in Cebu has continued to become …

gift delivery manila
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A Basic Guide to Gift Delivery in Manila

As people become more and more driven to achieve and succeed, time for friends and family has consequently become a rare commodity. Fortunately, the inventive nature of humans has also brought convenient and clever ways to cope with the fast-paced modern world. Gift delivery services are one of these great innovations.  Manila, being the capital …

how to order flowers online in the philippines cover
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How to Order Flowers Online in The Philippines

Want to order flowers online to be sent to a loved one or maybe a significant other in the Philippines? Online shopping is a type of electronic shopping that allows customers to directly order and buy goods or services (even flowers) from a seller on the internet with a web browser or a mobile application. …

how to send flowers to the philippines from the us cover
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How to Send Flowers to the Philippines from the US

To send flowers to the Philippines from the USA is a little bit tricky. Flowers are perishable, making them unsuitable for the balikbayan boxes that most overseas Filipino workers use in sending gifts back to their loved ones in the Philippines. In case you were not aware, Balikbayan boxes are a vital feature of a …

best way to send flowers philippines
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The Best Way to Send Flowers to The Philippines

Flower giving is a culture that has been with humanity for a very long time. To send flowers a culture that’s not going anywhere, any time soon, even though it’s no longer in play for some occasions. The context of giving flowers as a symbol of love still stands as a popular culture all over …

Tips for Shopping Online Valentine’s Day Gifts in the Philippines
For Her For Him Gift Guides Gift Ideas Last-Minute Romantic Valentine's Day

Tips for Shopping Online Valentine’s Day Gifts in the Philippines + 5 Gift Ideas

Find the perfect Valentine’s gifts online for your special someone! From sweet bouquets to impressive gift baskets, snag only the best online Valentine’s Day gifts at Choose from our exquisite selection for the perfect present your sweetheart will surely love. As a bonus, we go through some of our best tips when it comes …

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